What is boutique school photography?
My goal is to provide a custom, boutique photography service to the schools that choose to have me photograph their children.
My service is personal and professional unlike other large photography corporations. I only take on a few schools and kindergartens each year so that i can provide superior service.
I never force a smile and aim to capture the natural beauty of each child. The results are genuine and timeless that are completely different from the traditional cheesy photos we have become accustom to.
I provide a light and fun experience for your children and take pride in providing an environment where the children can relax and can be themselves, naturally.

What services do you offer?
We run a completely online operation. Families are sent a link to a password-protected online gallery in which they can view the photos. These are sorted by child, class etc. We guarantee 2-5 photos of each child to select from.
The family may choose which photo they would like printed. We offer digital photos, prints and canvases. We give families a free class photo with each print order.
All information, including detailed pricing will be sent to families about 2 weeks before photo day.
Prints are all ordered online and delivered direct to the school.
I provide all equipment and personnel needed for photo day.

How much will it cost the parents?
Our prices range between $5-$110 for our products, so we have products to suit every family.