Hello April

Hello April, where did you come from?

We've just entered the second week of April, Summer now a distant memory as thunder storms ripped across the sky last night and a down pour left a reasonable sized swimming pool in our backyard. 

Laura has been busy in the last month, capturing amazing images of families, newborns, dancers, as well as newly engaged and newly wed couples. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see sneak peek pics of her recent work.
We also began offering Cake Smash Sessions - bringing a whole new level of fun to celebrating first birthdays for our little clients. We've had SO MUCH fun holding these and make it super simple by providing the cake and decorations so all you need to do is show up and let your little one dig into some yummy cake! (Pssst...Theres also a Special Offer online now if you're interested in a Cake Smash Session for your own one year old!)

With the year ticking on this also brings us closer to Mother's Day (Check out our special offers if you're after an amazing gift for your Mum...or yourself!) creeping up in just under a month. 

Working with Laura has allowed me to meet so many Mums. Mums-to-be during their Maternity Sessions, New Mums who have that look in their eye that I still remember all too well (you know, the "Will I ever sleep again?" look), Mums who make it all look so effortless, carrying a newborn, toddler and nappy bag all the while singing a nursery rhyme to keep everyone settled. I've met Mums whose children are now grown up and have had babies of their own. I've also seen the change in myself and the way I Mother my daughter now that she and I spend a few hours apart a week while I work. 
Mums, no matter their age or their 'experience' level, are amazing and I all the Mums out there are made to feel special this coming Mother's Day.

Laura will be taking a well deserved break at the end of this week - heading away overseas for the next four weeks. I'll be here to help out with questions and booking should you have any, and will be filling up the calendar for Laura to hit the ground running when she arrives back home (end of May is already booking up fast!). I'm sure she'd love to share some snaps from her trip with you all!

Take care and talk soon!

Larissa - Studio Manager

Laura Smith