Those Precious First Weeks Of Life...


Meeting your precious newborn can bring about a whirlwind of emotions, and possibly a flurry of questions that would make even Old Mother Hubbard shrug her shoulders to in confusion. It's a beautiful and magical time in your families life, but if only they came with an instruction manual! 
If you're anything like me, you were (or are soon to be) showered with comments such as "They don't stay little for long" and "Time will fly by" - and while you hear the words, nothing can actually prepare you for the speed at which the days pass, particularly in the first few weeks of life. The saying "The days are long but the years are short" should be changed to "The hours are long but the days are short". 

Thinking back to my own time as a new Mother most of my memories are milk-related (both the over-supply and under-supply kind), "When will she sleep!?" related and "Will I ever feel normal again?" related. But in looking back on photos from those first few weeks, you wouldn't know it at all. They, like the memories of family members who were present at that same time, show the precious features of this beautiful new human, the way her nose was a little squished, her dark, dark hair (that is now blonde!) and the special bond between Mother and Daughter. 
If I didn't have these images to look upon, my version of those first few weeks would be the only one to remember and what a shame it would be.

My only regret? I have two actually.  One - I had not thought about a professional newborn shoot and two - I had not yet met Laura.

In working with Laura I have come to see the value in booking a newborn shoot and have seen the absolute joy it brings parents and siblings to see their precious new addition photographed, moments captured in time, and beautiful finished products being proudly displayed within homes. With everything taken care of during your session it's actually a mini holiday for many parents as they get to sick back, relax and watch their little one in the safe hands of Laura as she gently moves them into a variety of positions to create different shots. 

They don't stay little for long. But by booking in your newborn shoot now, you are ensuring the little is captured. Everlasting memories to treasure for a lifetime. 


Laura Smith