Laura - Photographer/Owner

After leaving school at 17, i joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a Photographer. After 3 1/2 years of military photography i went solo and started Laura Ridley Photography where i have focused on weddings and portraits for the last 9 + years.

I am a mum to Zoe and Mason who i absolutely adore. Thanks to Zoe, i know all the words to all the songs on Frozen. I call it a special talent.

In my spare time i enjoy playing the violin, professional development and family time.

Sarah - Studio Manager

Odds are if you have emailed or called the studio, you have spoken to me (and had to listen to my terrible banter, I do apologise!)  After high school I joined the NZ Army, where I served for a few years until I left to study. Since then I have worked in Digital Media, with a focus on content creation and social media advertising. 

I am a wife to the ever absent Pete, and a mum to the worlds noisiest 1 year old Amelia. I spend most of my spare time listening to The Wiggles (thanks Meils!) and drinking far too much coffee. 

Bunny - Photographer

As a mum of two boys, Ashton & Hunter (who are growing up WAY too quick!), I totally appreciate how important it is to capture the beauty of childhood and family life.  I absolutely LOVE having the privilege of photographing special moments, and after all these years, I still get really excited going through client galleries!  I'm really glad that my husband is so understanding of my passion, haha - I'm forever talking about it in one way or another!

I'm so pleased to have joined the Laura Ridley Photography team, and look forward to meeting lots of you - and snapping some gorgeous shots :)


Sydney - Studio Cat