Laura - Photographer/Owner

After leaving school at 17, i joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a Photographer. After 3 1/2 years of military photography i went solo and started Laura Ridley Photography where i have focused on weddings and portraits for the last 10 + years.

I am a mum to Zoe and Mason who i absolutely adore. Thanks to Zoe, i know all the words to all the songs on Frozen. I call it a special talent.

In my spare time i enjoy playing the violin, professional development and family time.

Shona - Studio Assistant

Hi My name is Shona. I am a wife and mother of three (five if you include the dog and cat!) I come from a corporate background and found my passion for photography when I became a mother. I also practice martial arts, play the guitar and I love all things sci fi.   

I am here to help guide you through your experience with us. As a photographer, parent, pet owner and family member I feel I can relate to what clients need from our service.   I’ve been through the engagement, the wedding, maternity, newborn and family stages myself as well and I understand the need to capture those stages to make it last forever.
By working closely with you and our photography team my aim is to help your memory-making vision into reality.  I love taking time with clients to pinpoint exactly what makes them tick so that we capture something that is uniquely and genuinely them.

If you are looking capture those precious, fleeting moments, give me a call and let’s make it happen. 

Bunny - Photographer

As a mum of two boys, Ashton & Hunter (who are growing up WAY too quick!), I totally appreciate how important it is to capture the beauty of childhood and family life.  I absolutely LOVE having the privilege of photographing special moments, and after all these years, I still get really excited going through client galleries!  I'm really glad that my husband is so understanding of my passion, haha - I'm forever talking about it in one way or another!

I'm so pleased to have joined the Laura Ridley Photography team, and look forward to meeting lots of you - and snapping some gorgeous shots :)