Welcome to Laura Ridley Photography based in Lower Hutt. We are an award winning portrait and wedding photography studio with over 10 years of experience.

With our first class service we create bespoke and timeless photographs that reflect you and your family.

As a boutique portrait studio specializing in fine art portraits and signature wall art we provide an amazing experience for each of our clients and create stunning artwork that gets more valueable as time goes on.


We start with the end product in mind


 Pre session planning 

Before we take any photos, we like to plan out your session.

Because we specialize in beautiful wall art, we start with the end product in mind and design your session based on colours used in your home etc. As a boutique portrait studio specializing in fine art portraits we create and amazing experience for each of our clients.

While we all like the good old “look at the camera - say cheeeese” photos, that’s just not real.

I love capturing a beautiful soulful look on a childs face.

We don’t just take quick snaps of your family, we are creating art.

We have a wardrobe full of dresses and flower crowns but please bring anything you’d like to include.


Are we a good fit?


Seeing beautiful photos of other families is one thing, but when you see yourselves as pieces of stunning artwork, there is nothing like it.
At the moment with your busy life, it is easy to miss your children as they grow right before your eyes, and it’s easy to miss how much these moments mean to you.
The art i create for you only increases in value over time.
Not only is it valuable to us, it creates such a sense of worth in children and boosts their self confidence.

Talking to adults is one thing but being able to talk to and relate to children is another level.
Being a mother has immensely helped me relate to children of all ages. I help them feel absolutely comfortable in front of the camera.
Children love dressing up in the various studio outfits and jewelry. Once children are happy and relaxed in the studio, they will let their personalities come out and this is where i can capture some magical photographs.

A personalised experience just for you

When you work with me, proper planning, a solid goal and knowing exactly what will happen, you’ll feel confident with your clothing and will marvel at how “easy” it really was.

From clothing, and curated art piece suggestions, I have you covered.


The Artwork

All artwork comes finished and ready to display with digital packages starting at $590. Wall art starts from $325 and wall art collections start from $995.
Our signature albums are $1990 and include all of the photos from your session.
Our clients typically invest between $1000-$3000 and choose to have a collection for their wall as well as the remaining photos put into an album or prints in a box.

Session Fee $200

Our session fee includes:
All our pre session planning calls
Your fine art portrait session
A cinematic viewing session where you will view and order your artwork

Clients typically invest $1000-$3000 on artwork


We can’t wait to photograph you and your family.
CONTACT US now to start your photography experience.