Laura Ridley Photography

Laura - Photographer

After leaving school at 17, i joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a Photographer. After 3 1/2 years of military photography i went solo and started Laura Ridley Photography where i have focused on weddings and portraits for the last 8 + years.

I am a mum to Zoe and Mason who i absolutely adore. Thanks to Zoe, i know all the words to all the songs on Frozen. I call it a special talent.

In my spare time i enjoy playing the violin, professional development and family time.


Larissa - Studio Manager

Life after secondary school saw me manage a popular children's retail brand at a national level before I made the move to recruitment and again into a staff management role within a recruitment agency. 

The best job of all is of course the one in which I help raise my daughter Isla, whose favourite word is currently "No". We love drawing pictures and splashing outside during storms.

After becoming a Mum I wanted to re-enter the workforce within a role that allowed me to utilise all the skills gained in my previous work but that would also fill my heart and make me excited to get up in the morning. I have the absolute pleasure of calling Laura Ridley Photography my place of employment and I truly love what I do.